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Communication App

All of our programs are delivered via Kindy Hub. Kindyhub is a digital communication tool, allowing us to easily share your child’s early childhood experience with you at the end of each day. Kindy hub also allows you to communicate with your educators and receive important information from the director and educators.

Parent Participation

Playschool Kindergarten has an ‘Open Door Policy,’ families are welcome at any time.

Parents are invited to participate and contribute to the centre’s programs, let’s work together as partners to develop your child/ren to their fullest potential. If you have a special skill e.g sport, craft, or other language and a little time to share with us, we invite you to spend time with the children to broaden their learning. This invaluable experience is greatly appreciated.
We also invite you to support the centre’s development through contribution of ideas, fundraising events and occasional get-togethers, eg Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Morning teas, reading month of May etc.

Policies and forms