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Our Story

Playschool Kindergarten has been operating since 1992 and has always been a privately owned centre. Carl and Kelli are a family with 4 children and have owned the centre since September 2006. Being owner operated Carl and Kelli are both actively involved in the centre’s operations, Kelli’s background has always been Early Years Education and Care with over 25 years’ experience and knowledge and has her Associate Diploma while Carl’s background is in Telecommunications and since moving from England has been involved in Management.

Together with their 4 children Playschool Kindergarten has always been their passion, “Carl and I have a genuine love and knowledge of children and consider quality care as our highest priority”.

Carl and I have a genuine love and knowledge of children and consider quality care as our highest priority

Kelli LowePlayschool Kindergarten Owner

Centre Goals

  1. Positive relationships with children:
  • Build positive individual relationships between educators and children
  • To Educate the children through facilitating their play and development
  1. For the Parents and Community:
  • To act as advocates for children, their parents and community by providing support and information about children’s health, development and related issues
  • To continually help families develop trust and welcoming relationships with the educators
  1. For Educators:
  • To create and maintain a happy productive working environment which promotes each members professional development and effective team relationships.
  • Be supportive, encourage and share each other’s working environment goals.

Our team philosophy

We believe that through our engaged educators, the play we support and offer will expand children’s thinking and enhance their desire to know and learn. Our flexible environment’s and resources will offer the safe, nurturing, open ended possibilities needed for purposeful and thoughtful growth from our children.

We will aim to support children to become environmentally responsible and show respect for the environment.

As educators we are learning and changing for our professional practice. We will demonstrate reflection, partnerships, and support to each other providing development for all. Our culture will provide happiness and inclusion to all as you enter our family environment.