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Family Owned and Operated

Ages: 15 months - 5 years


Become environmentally responsible

We will aim to support children to become environmentally responsible and show respect for the environment.


We live in the real moments

We value and respect our role in helping shape the formative years of learning.

At Playschool Kindergarten Elanora, we live in the real moments of a child’s development.

We value and respect our role in helping shape the formative years of learning. We are a social setting that is a valuable resource to families and the community offering safety and comfort through continuity of practice.

Room Availability

Jingeri Jingeri (15 months – 2.5 years)
UNAVAILABLE – Taking enrolments for 2024 and 2025, limited spaces available.

Borobi Joeys (2-3 years)
UNAVAILABLE – Taking enrolments for 2025.

Borobi (3-4 years)
UNAVAILABLE – Taking enrolments for 2025.

Mibunn (4-5 years)
UNAVAILABLE – Taking enrolments for 2024, limited spaces available.

2024 Prep Program Intake

Are you wanting your child to be involved in an Approved Kindergarten Program to help your child move to Prep? Led by our ECT who is Masters of Teaching qualified, your child/ren will take part in play-based learning, expand their physical abilities, build their confidence, enhance their social skills and participate in an excursion per term for hands on community learning. We believe all children deserve to have access to quality, inclusive early childhood education. Enquire to enrol now for 2024.

We believe that through our engaged educators, the play we support and offer will expand children’s thinking and enhance their desire to know and learn. Our flexible enviorment’s and resources will offer the safe, nurturing, open ended possibilities needed for purposeful and thoughtful growth from our children.

We will aim to support children to become environmentally responsible and show respect for the environment.

As educators we are learning and changing for our professional practice. We will demonstrate reflection, partnerships and support to each other providing development for all. Our culture will provide happiness and inclusion to all as you enter our family environment.

Our Acknowledgement to our Country and People

We at Playschool Kindergarten would like to say thank you to the Yugambeh people for letting us share this beautiful land.

We promise to look after it.
We will care for animals and people,
We will protect our land and sea,
Hello Land, Hello Sky, Hello Friends.

Jingeri Jimbelungs, Jingeri Mobo Jarjums

Why Playschool Kindergarten Elanora

Playschool Kindergarten Early Learning Elanora is family owned and operated for children aged 15 months to 5 years old, 7:00am to 6:00pm.

Situated on the corner of 19th Ave and Saffron St, Elanora, Playschool Kindergarten offers the QLD Government Approved Pre-prep program delivered by a qualified teacher. Our Educators form their daily program in accordance with the EYLF (Early Years Learning Framework) and our practice, principles and policies all following the National Quality Standards and Staying Healthy in Child Care. We pride ourselves that we are an Exceeding Early Learning Centre based on the National Quality Standards. Being within a long day centre provides unique learning experiences for our Kindy children, including shared play environments allowing for sibling interactions and mixed-age grouping where appropriate.

We are "Family"

With 4 rooms and 60 children a day we are a small centre with passionate staff. “We are Family” is our mission statement which we value as we welcome every family into the centre encouraging team work to help create each child’s learning journey.

A wonderful family run Kindy managed very well by Miss Kelli. Miss Kelli and her Team are all so lovely, attentive and caring. My children always had a great day and I knew they were learning and developing well with a positive relationship with their teachers and peers.

Anita Orr

I love being apart of such a family run centre. My 3 year old knows every educators name and we get greeted by every educator on arrival and when leaving. I can not express how happy and lucky I am to have found Playschool Kindergarten. Would recommend Playschool anyday.

Kate Cliffe

I was very hesitant about starting childcare with my 15 month old but from day 1 all the educators have been so accommodating and helpful. The kindness and support all the teachers have given have really made this a wonderful experience. I would recommend Playschool Kindergarten to everybody.

Melissa Stant

We have been lucky enough to have three of my boys attend this Kindy, an amazing bunch of careers, always there with the kids bringing fun and laughter to there little hearts but also developing their skills and nurturing their hungy minds every step of the way.

Lucy Jordan

Lovely educators, super clean, great communication and a friendly, educational environment.

Bec Granfield